The glue that holds it all together is the magic of pre-production. Planning, logistics, creative, etc. At The Timber Cross we help our clients refine and flesh out their ideas with the viewer in mind. We focus on telling your story to your audience.

Our pre-production services include:

Pre-production services by the Timber Cross Film & Media Company
  • Concept Development

    Identifying and creating the best video ideas for your blog or business. We help you from beginning to end.

  • Storyboarding

    Storyboarding helps you see your movie before you shoot a single frame. Craft your own film journey in a fraction of the time.

  • Budgeting

    If you're like most vloggers and small business owners, you have a limited budget that's dedicated toward marketing. You want to use the video marketing strategy that will give you the most return.

  • Casting

    Finding the perfect actors and actresses to embody the characters on screen is often challenging. Let us help match talent with need.

  • Location Scouting

    help you locate and book the perfect location for your next production. Find detailed location information and make an informed choice about the where of your film.

  • Video Strategy

    Your video strategy starts with your end aim in mind so you can decide what content to produce and how to reach that goal. We show you how to get it done efficiently, the first time.

Production Support

This is operations on a different level. We help our clients navigate the film making process and have fun while we're making epic films. Location, equipment, crew are all integral parts that need management throughout the process.

Our production support services include:

Production support services by the Timber Cross Film & Media Company
  • Photography

    We create cinematic images that tell your story, solidify your brand and sell your products.

  • Blog/Vlog Content

    Capture your audience's interest with unique videos that will leave them engaged and wanting more.

  • Aerial Drone Media

    We deliver unparalleled, cinematic drone solutions for film and photography. Our drones deliver stunning 4K quality film.

  • Public Speaking

    Need a voice to show the power of mixed media? Want to inspire your audience with stories of travel & adventure? We're available for hire to provide the voice you need.

  • Live Action Film & Video

    The right tools for the job. Our state of the art equipment couples with our unique style provide a film making second to none.

  • Mixed Media Workshop

    Travel on location and learn from the best in these hands on workshops. Look, learn and practice.

  • Documentary Film Making

    Falling out of an airplane? Crawling in the mud? 50 MPH on a racetrack? Whatever it takes to get the shot!

  • Voice Over Production

    Finding the right voice for your media is essential to the brand image. Tone, personality, pitch and many other factors place an integral part of attaining the right voice.

  • Directing

    Leading your project's creative spark from the first to last minute of filming. We apply our unique vision throughout the entire production.

  • Brand Story Production

    When your brand's story needs a video, choose the best. Our cinematography will leave your audience speechless and desiring to be part of your tribe.

  • Real Estate Tours

    Our films sell houses. Viewers will instantly transport themselves inside each property. Watch those offers pour in.

  • Wedding Film Production

    The Timber Cross is known for its stylish cinematic storytelling and innovative wedding cinematography. Time and time again we're trusted to capture the world's most previous moments.

Post Production

Style is as unique to the viewer as it is to the artist.

At The Timber Cross, our number one goal is to ensure your film project has the look that you're after. Adding the finishing touches is just part of the magic of cinema.

Our post production services include:

Post-production services by the Timber Cross Film & Media Company
  • Editing

    Professional video editing brings together the idea and shot film to create a logical sequence and smooth running.

  • Color Grading

    Thrill seekers, brides, marketers and realtors are all looking for the perfect film. We custom tailor each project's color grade to match the tone, personality and messaging perfectly.

  • Sound Design

    We're cut from a different cloth, driven by an uncompromising attention to detail and a deep passion for crafting immersive sonic experiences that match our epic film style.

  • Video Hosting

    All your video at the tip of your fingers, in the cloud, loading instantly. We don't just create films but we keep them available for clients indefinitely, available on any device, 24/7.

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