2024 Calendar & Coloring Book Bundle

2024 Calendar & Coloring Book Bundle

Introducing Your Gateway to a Year of Outdoor Exploration and Creative Relaxation!

Experience the thrill of the great outdoors and let your creative spirit soar with this meticulously curated 2024 calendar and adult coloring book bundle. Our passion for nature and storytelling has inspired us to create a one-of-a-kind package that captures the essence of our adventurous spirit.

The Timber Cross 2024 Calendar:

Step into the breathtaking world of outdoor escapades and scenic wonders with our exclusive 2024 calendar. Each month will transport you to stunning landscapes, as we showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. From snow-capped mountain peaks to lush, tranquil forests, each month offers a new visual journey. This calendar isn't just about keeping track of time; it's about inspiring your next adventure and feeding your wanderlust.

The Timber Cross Adult Coloring Book:

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and unleash your inner artist with our adult coloring book. Featuring intricate illustrations inspired by The Timber Cross's most epic Maine adventures, this coloring book provides a therapeutic escape into the heart of nature. Whether you're an experienced coloring enthusiast or a newcomer, you'll find a sense of calm and creativity as you bring these scenes to life with your own vibrant hues.

  • Print length - 80 pages
  • Language - English
  • Publication date- May 3, 2023
  • Dimensions - 8.5 x 0.19 x 11 inches
  • ISBN-13 - 979-8393448585

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The tallest Lighthouse in New England, boones Island Light, located almost 7 miles off the shores of kennebunkport.

march 2024


During the summer months the Maine harbors are the busiest they get and boat owners rely on these light skiffs to take them to there boats to head out and explore the Atlantic

july 2024


The night sky and sunrise along the snow-covered beach.

Sandbeach Maine is like no other place in the state.

november 2024