Chainsaw Run

The Millinocket Marathon
The Timber Cross - Film & Media Company

Watch out for the Viking on mile five.

He has a whip.
And hot chocolate.
No joke.

It's cold. Like negative 10 degrees cold. You're jumping up and down to keep your toes warm in your running shoes and watching your breath leave crystals on your eyelashes as it disappears in the clear northern sky.

You're about to run a full marathon for the first time, you haven't trained, you're wearing full logging gear and have a chainsaw over your shoulder. How the heck did we get here?!

That's what your boy Jeremy Grant did to get an interview with Mike Thurlow, a Maine logger for 45 years who does just that every year at the Millinocket Marathon. Why would he do that you say? Mike solicits sponsors every year to raise money for children with cancer in Maine.

This year, at age 66, Mike runs the marathon for the last time in full running gear, while Jeremy follows with his own chainsaw to capture the action and build awareness.

Hit that play button and come along with us as Mike crosses the finish line for the last time and hands the chainsaw to the next generation of loggers that want to make a difference.

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